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Handwoven Items

I am in my happy place handweaving beautiful, unique items from scarves and pashminas, to home textiles such as throws, towels, cushion covers and lampshades. 

I am constantly learning more and so am trying out new weave structures and new yarns all of the time.

I also hand dye my own yarn which adds to the uniqueness of the item I am producing.

It takes me 40 hours on average to create a scarf (50 if I am hand-dying the yarns first!)

Made to Order

This is one of the most enjoyable activities I do - I work closely with my clients to create that perfect handwoven item - it may be a hand-dyed silk scarf for a special birthday, or a lampshade and cushion for a room makeover.

I focus on colour and design and provide digital images through the design phase to ensure the client is involved in the full journey!

A lovely unique experience


Scarves and Pashminas

I adore handweaving soft and sumptuous scarves and pashminas.

I use fine yarns such as silk, bamboo, merino and cashmere. 

I also use my own hand-dyed silk

All of my scarves and pashminas are unique but if there is one in particular that you like, then I can create something similar for you.

I have a small number in stock, but can always make to order.

Home Textiles

Using beautiful yarns such as organic cotton, and bamboo which wash well, I hand weave unique home textiles such as guest towels, table mats, napkins and table runners. I also weave tea towels which are hardwearing but unique!

In addition I hand weave wool blankets to order.

I also hand weave cushion covers and lamp shades

If you need a certain colour scheme, then please contact me. 


Hand Dyed Silk

For that extraordinary unique handwoven item, I hand dye silk yarn for both the warp and the weft of the weave and create exclusive fabric, which can either be in the form of a scarf, or could be just a length of fabric to be used for an item of clothing!

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