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Louet Looms and Accessories

I am excited to be working with Louet NL from the beginning of 2024.

If you buy a loom from me, I am offering a unique service to provide an hour support to help you set up your new loom (subject to restrictions)

As a new dealer , I am not holding a great amount of stocks, because I am still building my knowledge of the market, however I can order directly from Louet on a regular basis, so I am not anticipating long delivery times.

Because I am a hand weaver, I am starting by concentrating on Louet Looms and Accessories, however if you are a spinner, I can source Spinning and Fibre equipment from Louet as well, so please do ask!

I do have a few Louet looms set up here in my studio, so please get in touch if you want to have a play before you buy!

Image 13-01-2024 at 12.30.jpeg
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