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Personal Update

On 22nd February 2024 I was called into St George's Hospital, London for a Kidney Transplant from a deceased donor. The transplant took place in the early hours of 23rd February. This is my second kidney transplant - the first was donated from my Uncle back in 2003 and has lasted over 20 years!

I am still in the recovery phase, 10 weeks later at the beginning of May... Things unfortunately haven't gone as well as we hoped they would. The kidney isn't quite working properly, so I am still regularly back at St Helier Hospital in Carshalton - twice a week at present for various procedures, tests etc.

I am gradually becoming more active, and actually managed to get in front of my loom this week for the first time since February!

I am still highly immunosupressed because I am on high levels of anti-rejection drugs, but I hope I will be able to still take part in SAOS and also the various local fetes I have booked into for June and July this summer.

I am looking forward to getting back to my weaving, building my new business and also meeting lots of like-minded people over the next months!

PS - whilst I've been laid up, I contacted Schacht and am now awaiting delivery of my first order - particularly their shuttles and bobbins! (plus a cricket rigid heddle... :-)

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